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Selecting Corrosion-resistant Fume Hoods for Acid Digestion

Common Acid Digestion Chemicals Will Corrode Metals in the Laboratory

Close Up of LAS-1000 Fume Hood with several colorful remote control valve knobs. Scientist holds with flask inside hood.

Acid digestion is one of the more common procedures performed in fume hoods that causes premature rusting and corrosion. All-metal fume hoods, standard in most labs, will rust over time and need to be replaced, but specialty labs working with acids to break down organic and inorganic materials often make the mistake of not using metal-free fume hoods. Hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid and nitric acid are common in any digestion experimentation and analysis, all of which will immediately rust and corrode any exposed metal it touches, resulting in contamination to samples.

Pair of LAS-1000 Fumehoods in Laboratory setting.

Metal-Free Fume Hoods are Designed to Resist Acids

LabAire Systems works with many different types of laboratories to help avoid the need to replace costly equipment prematurely, if ever. LabAire Systems standard fume hood - the LAS-1000 series, is made of 100% polypropylene, with no exposed metal, allowing it to withstand the harshest chemicals without compromising the hood structure or appearance. Examples of applications that use standard and custom sizes of the LAS-1000 for acid digestion applications include:

  • Geology labs analyzing rare elements

  • Biochemistry labs researching trace metals

  • Environmental departments operating large wastewater treatment facilities

  • Food safety agencies testing for poisonous elements such as mercury

Render of LAS-1000 Fume Hood
LAS-1000 Fume Hood
  • Corrosion-resistant polypropylene construction

  • Kevlar® belted, counter-balanced sash

  • Full view clear polycarbonate sash resists corrosion and etching

  • Illuminated work area with sealed LED lighting

  • Simplify cleaning with removable rear exhaust baffle

  • Designed to meet SEFA 1-2010 standards

  • Tested to meet ANSI/ASHRAE 110 standards

  • Designed to protect laboratory personnel

Recommended Options for Acid Digestion Operations Include

  • Exhaust wash-down with drain trough

  • GFCI outlets

  • Remote control service valves

  • Teflon™ spray gun

  • Flexible vent kit for base cabinet

  • Airflow monitor

  • Lattice kit for complex glassware setups

  • Vented fume hood base cabinet

For applications requiring product protection, view our LAS-3000 Polypropylene Laminar Flow Fume Hood

We are committed to working with you and your lab planners to identify the best corrosion-resistant laboratory equipment solutions for your application. Call us at 877-410-4910 or email us at to discuss your next project.


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