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LabAire Systems is dedicated to creating laboratory environments that are clean, safe, and efficient. We have converted several of our custom design products into standard models based on customer feedback and demand.

Mobile Air Purifier

Mobile Air Purifier | LAS 6000

  • Airborne particulate filtration for high traffic rooms

  • Lightweight on castors for easy transport

  • Clean air quarantine

  • Variable air volume controls

  • Custom sizes available for permanent installations

Hazardous Material Vacuum |

LAS 7000

  • Safely collect wet material spills

  • Polypropylene components for corrosive material collection

  • By-pass airflow protects user from materials and fumes

  • Lightweight with swivel front castors for maneuverability

  • Optional magnetic drive pump for sump content transfer

Flammable Storage Cabinet
Hazardous Material Vacuum

Flammable Storage Cabinet

  • Safe Storage of Solvents and Flammables in Laboratories

  • FM Approved

  • 4-IN Deep Toe Kick

  • 18G ColdRolled Steel

  • Exceptional spill containment

  • Premium casters

  • Customizable size and compartment configurations

  • Ability to add doors, drawers, glove dispensers and more

Utility Carts

Constructed of polypropylene, this product is both durable and corrosion resistant.

Gooseneck Faucets


  • Materials excel in corrosive environments

  • Duct: PVC, CPVC, polypropylene, stainless steel and FM4910-rated Halar coated stainless steel

  • Blowers: FRP and PVC with PVC-coated wheels

  • Gooseneck design, attractively finished to enhance all installations

  • Materials: PVDF, PVC, polypropylene

  • Compatible with high-purity applications

Ventilation Ductwork


LabAire Systems is dedicated to providing end users, installers and contractors a simple, one-stop shop for the polypropylene casework and equipment market. As part of a larger manufacturing corporation, we have the ability to offer tailored solutions to each customer including most countertop options. LabAire Systems goal is to increase the efficiency and functionality of laboratories, as well as the design and installation process.

Material Options
  • Epoxy Resin

  • Polypropylene

  • Phenolic Resin

  • PVC

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