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Polypropylene Equipment for Chemical Laboratories

LabAire Systems (LAS) is a Minnesota-based company with a long history of designing and manufacturing quality casework, fume hoods, wet benches and custom laboratory equipment. LAS is an ISO:2015 certified company, assuring our products exceed industry quality standards.


LAS specializes in identifying value-based solutions with purchasing departments, principal investigators, and laboratory planners on both new facility design as well as renovation projects.  LAS products are installed in wet labs, chemistry labs, digestion labs, trace metal testing, soil science, environmental testing, wastewater treatment and oceanic studies laboratories. 


Contact us before starting the planning process on your next project to see how we can help!

Phone: 1-877-410-4910  Email:



Texas A&M

Mayo Clinic

John Hopkins

University of Nebraska

University of Michigan

University of Minnesota

Hillsborough County Environmental Protection Laboratory

Benefits of Using Polypropylene in a Laboratory Setting

Polypropylene is known for its chemical and corrosion-resistance properties.  It is hygroscopic, will not mold or deteriorate, has low electrical conductivity, and has very high impact and temperature resistance. LAS understands your laboratory equipment investment needs, which is why we build durable and high-performance polypropylene products for corrosion-resistance across many applications. LAS also fabricates components from other thermoplastics such as flame-retardant polypropylene (UL94VO or FM4910), PVC, PVDF, and many more.

  • Choose from a wide selection of modular components

  • ADA-compliant workstation options

  • Many optional counter-top materials and features available

  • Select from a range of sinks and service valves

  • Fixed, modular, and mobile casework configurations

  • Standard wire-pull or recessed door and cabinet handles

  • 100% Metal-free component options

  • Option for soft close drawers

  • Meets SEFA 8P standards

  • Fume hoods for procedures in corrosive environments

  • Variable or constant flow fume hoods

  • Vertical or Horizontal air flow

  • Energy-efficient auto sash closing feature

  • ADA-compliant workstation options

  • FM-4910 flame-rated materials optional

  • Select from a range of sinks and valves

  • LED lighting

  • HEPA/ULPA filtered drying space

  • Perimeter LED lighting

  • Adjustable shelving

  • Optional temperature controls

  • Select from a range of sinks, service valves and tanks

Wet Bench - Full - Front.jpg
  • Variety of surface materials including polypropylene, epoxy, and Trespa®

  • Manual adjusted leg levers standard

  • Pneumatic leg levelers optional

  •  Customizable features, including backsplash, drawers and casters

  • Meets SEFA 8P standards

  • Vented door option

  • Adjustable Shelves

  • Option for clear polycarbonate insert in doors

  • Custom configurations available

  • Flammable materials storage cabinets

  • Utility Carts

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