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Fume Hoods and Enclosures

LabAire Systems manufactures a complete line of Air Flow Containment Devices designed for applications involving highly corrosive chemicals, toxic fumes, and other treatments not suitable for metallic exposure.

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Click below to read our article on how we validate our fume hood designs or watch our airflow simulation.


Classic Fume Hood | LAS-1000

Download our technical data sheet here:

Horizontal Flow Clean Bench |


  • Product Protection Clean Bench

  • Rust Free Polypropylene Construction

  • Perimeter LED Lighting

  • ISO Class 5 Work Area

  • H14 HEPA Filter

Download our technical data sheet here:
Vertical Polypropylene Fume Hood LAS-3000
Horizontal Polypropylene Fume Hood LAS-2000

Vertical Laminar Flow Fume Hood |


  • Personnel & Product Protection Fume Hood

  • HEPA/ULPA Filtered Work Zone

  • Rust Free Polypropylene Construction

  • Customized Accessory Configuration

  • Perimeter LED Lighting

Download our technical data sheet here:

Dual Draft | LAS-8000

  • 100% Polypropylene Design

  • Down Draft & Back Draft Airflow

  • Activated Carbon Filter

  • High Efficiency LED Lighting

  • Custom Sinks, Bases and Services Available

Polypropylene Dual Draft LAS-8000
Polypropylene Dual Draft LAS-2600

Sample Drying Cabinet | LAS-2600

  • HEPA/ULPA Filtered Drying Space

  • Rust Free Polypropylene Construction

  • Perimeter LED Lighting

  • Adjustable Shelving

  • Optional Temperature Controls

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