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Educational Laboratories


Environmental Laboratories

Chemical Laboratories

LAS can provide expert assistance with designing and outfitting laboratories.  From determining the amount of equivalent linear feet needed, to selecting the right fume hoods, LAS will work with laboratory planners and facility managers to provide a cost-effective solution. 


Polypropylene fume hoods and casework are often selected because of their chemical resistance and durability.  LAS offers both modular systems and custom-fabricated components to meet the project specifications and requirements.

Visit our Chemical Laboratory page to find out more information

Educational Laboratories

LAS polypropylene casework and fume hoods are ideal for the educational laboratory.  Polypropylene is rust-free and outperforms standard casework in longevity and chemical resistance.


LAS products in educational facilities can be used in wet labs, chemistry labs, digestion labs, trace metal testing, soil science, environmental testing, wastewater treatment, and oceanic studies laboratories. 

We offer fixed, modular and mobile designs.  Start by selecting from our extensive line of standard sizes and customize with features, options, and sizes to fit your facility.

See our Education page for more information.

Environmental Laboratories

Polypropylene casework and fume hoods from LAS provide chemical resistance for the wide variety of testing protocols in this industry.  Polypropylene is known for its resistance to corrosive chemicals used for analysis such as acids, bases, and volatile compounds. 


LAS products are a rust-free equipment and furniture alternative for facilities conducting acid, digestion, environmental toxin analysis, BOD testing, trace metals analysis, soil sampling, and environmental testing.


Visit our Environmental Laboratory page for more information

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